Friday, August 1, 2008

Thing # 23

I have learned so much doing this project, but still have things I need to learn. Yes, I would participate if you were to offer another Discovery Project. This has been a lot of fun – but it does take a lot more time than 18 hours.
Some of my favorites were Flickr; creating the trading cards, learning to create a blog (partly so I can teach the kids to do so), tagging, RSS feed, embedding videos – although that took me more than one try. There was very little I did not like – the difficulty I had uploading the podcast made that my least favorite thing.
Technology is one way to make learning more fun and thereby easier to learn.

This has been a great learning experience – lots of fun and taught me even more than I expected it would.


Thing # 22

Ning looks like it could be a great way to share ideas and network with other teachers and I really liked the Teacher Librarian Ning. I think it could be helpful to students to be able to network with other students perhaps set up a discussion about books they are reading or a project they were doing.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thing # 21

I think podcasts are wonderful - I teach the children at my church and seldom make it to the service, so I listen to the podcast each week. Another thing I like about podcasts is that I can relisten in case I missed something or just want to hear it again.I have never used a vidcast before but I can see lots of benefits from them. It would be great to have vidcasts of different trainings so that we could view them more than one time.

I made one but cannot, cannot seem to get it to my blog. I tried and tried but finally gave up. It was fun to make it, not fun to try to get it on my blog.

Thing # 20

I checked out both Youtube and Teachertube. I have enjoyed Youtube many, many times - it can be distracing but fun. I looked at different subject areas. I did find our drumline and karate group on Youtube! On both, I looked up different subject areas and found some interesting things for guided reading. And I think I am enbeding one of the videos in my post (I hope).

I think the children would enjoy some of these videos and could learn a lot. Kids really like to watch videos so I think they would learn without realizing that they are learning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thing # 19

WOW - I could have spent a long time on Web 2.0 Awards List. It sure helps with trying to find different things. Some of the sites I recognized - kind of nice to find old friends. But the new sites were exciting - It sure cuts down on the time it takes to find what you are looking for.

Thing # 18

Openoffice/suite is free and that would be very helpful to my students since I work at a Title One school and if they have computers they cannot afford the programs that they might need. The multilingual program sounds wonderful. I had no idea that there were free programs - I think they are a great idea, but I will probably continue to use the Microsoft Office that we have installed on the district computers. Partly because they are what is installed on our computers and it is what I am used to and partly because I wonder if the free options are as private as our Microsoft Office.

Thing # 17

I really liked using Rollyo - it should help me keep organized and I do like customizing my own search engines. Yet, I think it might not be as easy for my students - they are in the lower grades and sometimes they aren't even sure what they are really looking for or how to spell it.